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Shipping Policy

Wholesale Shipping Policy


Domestic Shipments - LTL

Shipments going to destinations within Canada and the US will be shipped via LTL Truck Freight and paid for by WPL (DDP, Incoterms®2020) with minimum order level to be determined on case-by-case basis. If the minimum order level is not reached, WPL will bill the customer for the charges on their invoice before shipping (DDP, Incoterms®2020).


International Shipments - LTL

LTL Ocean Freight with flat fee of $600 USD/$810 CAD delivered to the customer’s door (DAP, Incoterms®2020) internationally. Alternatively, we can make the shipment available for pickup and the customer will be burdened with all the related fees, if they want to use carriers/forwarders of their choice (EXW, Incoterms®2020).


Shipments by courier 

Domestic shipments within Canada and the US will be free on orders of over $220 (for either USD or CAD). Under $220 and the shipping charges will be billed to the customer in full. For shipments by courier going outside of Canada and the US, charges will be billed to the customer in full. 


International Shipments ­– Additional Charges

Import taxes and duties will be billed to the Importer of Record, i.e. the consignee.

In all cases, taxes are to be covered by the consignee. WPL will cover the brokerage and clearance charges as part of a DAP shipping plan, but not the import taxes as we are not the importers.


Rights Reserved

WPL reserves the right to change the details of this policy at any time and the new policy will apply to outbound orders so long as the customer has acknowledged receipt of the new policy before shipping.



Credit terms are to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.